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Interview with H.E. Mr. Federico Salas, Ambassador of Mexico to India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Q.Both Mexico and India believe in a rules-based international order and are strong partners in various multilateral fora. How can these two democracies further enhance cooperation as members of the UN Security Council?

Ans- We have been cooperating and having a permanent dialogue as the non-permanent members of the UN security council. We have been very attentive to the Indian priorities that have been and vice versa in the work of the security council. That adds up to the overall cooperation and fruitful dialogues that have been made for many decades on multilateral issues. The two countries like Mexico and India are very significant in their region and have a global reach that shares many values, working together on issues that are of global importance for international peace and security which is the main mandate of the security council.

Q. India’s second-largest trade partner in Latin America is Mexico. How do you view the evolving economic and trade relations between the two nations?

Ans- It depends on which period and years you are looking at. Many think Brazil is the first trading partner with India, I think Mexico is the first, based on the period and year. The substantive point is the evolution of trade relations is very satisfactory, in the sense that it has reached over 10 billion US dollars of trade between both countries. This took us less than ten years to achieve. Over the last decade, this  number grew four-fold and what we want to do is to keep the dynamic and momentum of this growth. In the case of investments, 180 Indian companies are based in Mexico, and all of them are doing very well, while many of them are expanding their operation. This shows their faith in Mexico and the desire to have bigger space of action with Mexico. Overall, the economic relations between the two countries are excellent and and are continually enhancing. We are also working on new agendas for cooperation in the future.

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