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India-Japan-US Relationship


The first meeting between President of the US, Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga resolved around China. They gave importance to urgent need to address the aggressiveness of China in territorial dispute in South and East China Sea as well as Taiwan Strait. They also confirmed the cooperation on cyber security and space technology. As China wants to dominate new initiatives in technology such as 5G and quantum computing, it comes important for the cooperation to be enhanced between these two.

Both the countries also shared vision about the strengthening and freeing Indo-Pacific of all the disputes. China’s violation in the Xinjiang, suppression of protest in Hong Kong and also military aggression was discussed about and condemned. 


India-Japan relationship is rooted in long history of cultural and civilizational ties. Exchange between the two countries is said to be around in 6th century when Buddhism was introduced in Japan. After the World War II, India signed a peace treaty with Japan and established diplomatic relationship on 28th April, 1952. 

Although the Prime Minister Suga visit has been postponed due to the rise in Covid-19 infections in Japan. Here’s what can expect from the meeting. 

  • Prime Minister Suga will continue the balancing policy against China which was started by the ex-Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. With the Galwan clashes and present development in the region makes this topic of discussion more and more necessary for India. 
  • Discussion about strengthening of the cooperation in the field of technology and cyber security. There will be focus in expanding and funding the research centres about the same. 
  • Cooperation and Coordination on economic ties will also be on the list of agenda’s for the meeting. Although Japan’s investment into the Indian economy has been around $34 billion yet it stands 12th on India’s largest partners list. Infrastructure investment will play on important for India in developing the North East and Andaman- Nicobar Island. 

Thus, all these agenda’s if fulfilled will make Japan and India’s relationship much stronger. Japan and India are also part of the Quad which is in a way to the change the strategic working of the region hence the positive front in their relationship will also help to build stronger organisation. India, US and Japan relationship will not only be helpful for regional development but counter the Chinese aggression too.