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In an Interview with Diplomacy and Beyond Plus H.E. DR. AHMED AL BANNA, UAE AMBASSADOR TO INDIA


  • His Excellency, your stay in India  has  been for around more than three years.  How has  your stay been in the country so far?

    My stay in India has been one of the most successful events of my career. I got opportunity to explore and understand various shades and strands of Indian society, which I can say has not only been rare but highly educative, especially for diplomats. India provides a window to understand the whole South Asia. A diplomat serves in India would not feel alien in any part of South Asia. Its culture,  cuisine,  taste,  festivals and ‘unity in diversity’ provides a model to understand and handle a globalised world where all sorts of variances and differences exists  in  social,  religious, ethno-cultural ethos. My stay in India has been pleasant. During my social interactions I found Indians are loveable, flexible and accommodative in nature. A better understanding about India is a stepping stone in deepening and expanding  mutual trust and ties between the people,  government,  business  community of  the two countries. India’s secular and principles of co-existence further offers scope to expand out ties.

  • Expo 2020 will  be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in October 2020. The  theme of the Expo is “Connect the Minds and Make the Future”. What according to you is the main objective of the Expo 2020?

The expo will also have three subthemes: opportunity, mobility, sustainability, and each theme will have its own pavilion.   With the  theme “opportunity”, Expo 2020 aims to unlock   this potential in multiple ways, such as supporting solutions to social  problems  through  our Expo Live programme and introducing visitors to new ideas that inspire them to act.With the theme “Mobility,” Expo 2020 looks at how this has helped us explore new frontiers, and how humanity is making greater leaps than ever through digital connectivity. Moreover, with the theme “Sustainability,” Expo 2020 is embracing alternative sources of food, water,  and clean  and renewable energy, and encouraging us all to reassess how we can preserve the planet.