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Iconic Bletchley Park to Host UK AI Safety Summit in Early November 2023

International governments, leading AI companies, and experts in research will gather at the historic Bletchley Park on November 1st and 2nd for a pivotal summit focused on the safe development and use of cutting-edge AI technology. The UK Government has chosen Bletchley Park as the venue for this landmark event, which aims to address the risks associated with AI, particularly at the frontier of its development, and explore strategies for their mitigation through global cooperation.

Frontier AI models hold immense potential to drive economic growth, advance scientific progress, and deliver public benefits on a grand scale. However, they also come with inherent safety risks if not developed responsibly. The upcoming summit will play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI technology. Matt Clifford and Jonathan Black have been appointed as the Prime Minister’s Representatives to spearhead talks and negotiations in preparation for the summit. Over the next three months, they will work tirelessly to unite leading AI nations and experts, ensuring that the event provides a platform for countries to collaboratively develop a shared approach to address AI safety risks.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his enthusiasm for hosting the summit at Bletchley Park, noting, “The UK has long been home to transformative technologies of the future, so there is no better place to host the first-ever global AI safety summit than at Bletchley Park this November.” He emphasized the need to tackle the risks associated with AI to ensure its safe and responsible development, leveraging the combined strength of international partners, a thriving AI industry, and an expert academic community. Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan emphasized the importance of international collaboration in AI regulation. She said, “The UK is consistently recognized as a world leader in AI, and we are well placed to lead these discussions.”

Bletchley Park’s historical significance as a hub of computer science development and its role in British Enigma codebreaking during World War II make it an ideal backdrop for discussions on AI safety. Iain Standen, CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust, expressed his privilege in hosting the summit, stating, “It is fitting that the very spot where leading minds harnessed emerging technologies to influence the successful outcome of World War Two will, once again, be the crucible for international coordinated action. The summit will build upon ongoing work at international forums such as the OECD, the Global Partnership on AI, the Council of Europe, and the UN, as well as standards development organizations. The UK’s strong credentials as a world leader in AI, with over 50,000 people employed in the industry and contributions of £3.7 billion to the economy, further underscore the nation’s readiness to lead discussions on AI safety. Foreign Secretary James Cleverly emphasized the global nature of AI’s impact and the need for an international approach, stating, “No country will be untouched by AI, and no country alone will solve the challenges posed by this technology.”

Bletchley Park’s historical connection to AI, dating back to the pioneering work of codebreakers like Jack Good and Donald Michie, who later contributed to AI research, adds an extra layer of significance to the event. The summit will be a platform for the international community to agree on essential guidelines ensuring the responsible development of AI. The announcement of Bletchley Park as the summit’s location follows the UK Government’s allocation of £13 million to revolutionize healthcare research through AI. This funding will support various projects, including innovations in brain tumor surgeries, chronic nerve pain treatments, and predictive systems for assessing patients’ future health risks based on existing conditions.