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HSBC Global Investment Summit to Convene Global Leaders in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is set to host the prestigious HSBC Global Investment Summit from April 8th to April 10th, gathering more than 2,500 delegates from across the globe. The summit, to be held at the Conrad Hotel, will serve as a platform for in-depth discussions on the prevailing trends and pivotal topics shaping the global economy.

Distinguished Speakers

A lineup of over 70 external speakers, comprising eminent personalities from various spheres, has been confirmed for the event. Among the notable speakers are former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former Director of the CIA David Petraeus, acclaimed actress Michelle Yeoh, and Mohammed EL-Kuwaiz, Chairman of the Capital Market Authority, Saudi Arabia.

The esteemed guests will be accompanied by HSBC hosts, including Group Chairman Mark Tucker, Group CEO Noel Quinn, and Greg Guyett, CEO of Global Banking & Markets. Together with a cadre of HSBC experts, they will delve into a plethora of topics under the overarching theme of the summit, “New Networks Connecting the Global Economy.”

Mark Tucker and Noel Quinn expressed their anticipation for the event in a joint statement, highlighting the significance of collaborative discourse amidst the prevailing global challenges. “At a time of profound change and often competing priorities, a shared commitment to discuss and collaborate on key issues will help the world address today’s challenges and create tomorrow’s opportunities,” they remarked.

A Landmark Gathering

The HSBC Global Investment Summit is poised to be a landmark event, attracting luminaries from finance, industry, government, and academia. The program is meticulously crafted to encompass keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and media sessions, offering a comprehensive exploration of pertinent issues.

Keynote discussions will tackle crucial themes such as “New Networks of Finance, Trade, Influence, and Innovation Shaping the 21st Century,” featuring insights from acclaimed author Niall Ferguson. Additionally, sessions like “Permacrisis: How to Fix a Fractured World,” featuring Gordon Brown and Christine Loh, Chief Development Strategist at the Institute for the Environment at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, promise to offer thought-provoking perspectives. The summit’s agenda also includes discussions on the impact of artificial intelligence on our future, led by Kate Darling, a leading expert in social robotics and MIT Media Lab research scientist.

Focused Themes

Each day of the summit is structured around a specific aspect of the overarching theme, “New Networks Connecting the Global Economy.” Day 1 will delve into “New Networks of Influence,” followed by discussions on “New Networks of Finance & Trade” on Day 2, and concluding with insights into “New Networks of Innovation” on Day 3.

Greg Guyett, CEO of Global Banking & Markets at HSBC, emphasized the significance of the inaugural summit, characterizing it as a landmark occasion. “We’re delighted to host this broad range of speakers and give investors exclusive access to influential dialogue, market trends, and unique thought leadership,” he stated. Moreover, hosting the event in Hong Kong underscores the city’s enduring role as a global financial centre. The HSBC Global Investment Summit stands poised to catalyse meaningful dialogue and foster collaborative solutions amid the dynamic landscape of the global economy. As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, the summit emerges as a beacon of insight, offering a platform for stakeholders to navigate the complexities of today’s interconnected world.