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Hong Kong Reshuffles Cabinet, Announces FIve New Appointments

Leader Carrie Lam while addressing the spread of coronavirus said that shake-up is important to rebuild the region ahead of the pandemic

China’s state council approved the appointment of five new cabinet members during the reshuffling of Hong Kong’s Cabinet on April 22. The new appointments include ministers overseeing civil service, innovation and technology, financial services and treasury, home affairs and mainland affairs. The reshuffle came from a recommendation by Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam. Lam while addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in a news conference said that the reshuffling is necessary in order to help Hong Kong transition in a positive direction post-pandemic. She also said that she has started planning out strategies to ‘reboot Hong Kong’ after the pandemic is over. 

According to the Xinhua news agency, Eric Tsang, Director of Immigration, will replace Patrick Nip as the head of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs. Mr Nip, however, will be taking over as secretary for the civil service, replacing Joshua Law. The executive director of the financial services, Christopher Hui will be replacing James Lau for the position of secretary for financial services and treasury. Alfred Sit, director of electrical and mechanical services will be replacing Nicholas Yang as the secretary for innovation and technology. Finally, Casper Tsui, undersecretary of labour and welfare will be replacing Lau Kong-wah for secretary of home affairs. 

Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous territory of China, has reported 1,030 confirmed cases of coronavirus including four deaths. Hong Kong authorities announced on April 21, a second two-week extension of restrictions including a ban on public gatherings and closing places of entertainment.