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Germany Focuses on Sustainable Tourism at Arabian Travel Market 2023

Germany is a beautiful country in Europe known for its landscapes and cultural heritage and is now showing commitment to sustainable tourism at the Arabian Travel Market (2023) in Dubai. The German National Tourist Board is promoting sustainable tourism through its presentation and highlighting how Germany is implementing environmentally friendly initiatives in the tourism sector.

As a part of the presentation, Germany is showcasing tourism destinations across Germany in cities like Hamburg in an attempt to launch a new sustainable tourism strategy. Hamburg is aiming to be a carbon-neutral city by 2035, and its sustainable tourism strategy includes the use of electric buses and boats, sustainable accommodation options, and the promotion of local products. The National Sustainable Tourist Certification of Germany is another initiative that the GNTB is supporting. This certification confirms that tourist businesses are functioning sustainably and according to stringent environmental and social criteria. The accreditation is optional, but an increasing number of travel businesses are opting to take part, demonstrating how sustainability is taking centre stage in the business world. For the purpose of lowering carbon emissions and promoting sustainable travel, Germany is also promoting eco-friendly transportation options like bicycles and electric vehicles. In order to explore the country’s scenic roads and bike lanes, which are frequently found in stunning natural surroundings, visitors to Germany may rent bicycles in the country’s major towns.

At ATM 2023, Germany will highlight its dedication to sustainable food and beverages. The nation is known for its food, and many eateries are now putting an emphasis on employing products that are sustainably obtained, organically grown, and locally sourced. This not only helps the environment but also supports local farmers and businesses. While rural areas frequently have a high potential for tourism but may lack the resources to develop sustainably, the GNTB is also promoting sustainable tourism in these areas. The GNTB collaborates with rural communities to create sustainable tourism initiatives that support local economies while respecting customs and cultures. The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which encourage sustainable economic growth, environmental preservation, and social inclusion, are in line with Germany’s emphasis on eco-friendly tourism. Germany protects its natural resources and cultural history while also offering travellers one-of-a-kind and genuine travel experiences by applying sustainable tourism practises.

Therefore, Germany’s emphasis on sustainable tourism at ATM 2023 demonstrates the nation’s dedication to preserving the environment and fostering responsible tourism. The measures cited by the GNTB demonstrate how sustainability is gaining importance in the tourist sector, including the National Sustainable Tourism Certification and sustainable food and drink alternatives. Germany is establishing itself as a pioneer in the business and motivating others by demonstrating its sustainable tourist offers.