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Embassy of The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has the honour to salute the distinguished press corps of India and inform about the recent victories of Venezuela’s Diplomacy of Peace in the Organization of American States and the United Nations that took place on the 31st of May.

In the United Nations, with 96% of the valid votes, Venezuela was elected Chairman of the Special Committee on Decolonization for a second consecutive year. This will be the second chair in parallel to leadership in the Disarmament Commission. It is important to note the role Venezuela has played in seeking a diplomatic resolution to territories still colonized by former European empires. In this regard, Venezuela has a longstanding tradition of advocating world peace and diplomacy, sponsoring among other initiatives, the 2014 Habana Declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

The diplomatic victories in the UN were rounded off with the honour of being chosen Vicepresident of the First Commission for the 71st Annual United Nations General Assembly Sessions, as Venezuela´s voice will be lent to the entire developing world in the most democratic body in the United Nations. It is important to know that Venezuela maintains its goal for structural reforms of the UN, especially the Security Council and has been a long supporter of India´s legitimate aspiration for a permanent seat. But the most outstanding victory and show of Latin American and Caribbean dignity came in the OAS Foreign Ministers meeting where 14 countries had the objective of sanctioning Venezuela as a prelude to foreign US sponsored intervention. The result was clear, the majority of the 33 member bloc does not want to sanction Venezuela, they promote peace and dialogue and the compliance with the electoral calendar set out by the electoral authorities in Venezuela.

The lack of a constructive resolution in the OAS shows once again the regional organization´s incapacity to solve regional matters and the sad degeneration it has succumbed to at the hands of the current General Secretary. This event proves Venezuela´s decision to leave the forum correct and

These latest events show the overwhelming international support and respect that governments have for Venezuela and the principles of international law with regards to non intervention and self determination. Venezuela will keep using its voice to represent the developing world in a dignified and propositve manner.