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EAM Jaishankar, Nicaraguan Counterpart Discuss Bilateral Cooperation and Global Issues

In a significant move to bolster diplomatic relations, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar engaged in comprehensive talks with his Nicaraguan counterpart, Denis Moncada Colindres, on Friday. The discussion focused on enhancing bilateral cooperation and addressing pressing global issues. The dialogue marks a continuation of the warm and friendly relations that have been nurtured between India and Nicaragua since the establishment of diplomatic ties in March 1983. The Indian Embassy in Panama, which is concurrently accredited to Nicaragua, has played a pivotal role in maintaining and strengthening these relations.

A notable milestone in this bilateral relationship was achieved earlier in February when India and Nicaragua signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Pharmacopoeia, marking cooperation in the field of drug regulation. This agreement is particularly significant as it positions Nicaragua as the first Spanish-speaking country to recognize the Indian Pharmacopeia. The MoU was signed by the Indian Ambassador to Nicaragua, Dr. Sumit Seth, and the Nicaraguan Health Minister, Dr. Martha Reyes. This landmark agreement is expected to pave the way for enhanced collaboration in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, benefiting both nations. EAM Jaishankar, in a message shared on social media, expressed optimism about the outcomes of his conversation with Foreign Minister Moncada. He highlighted the importance of the MoU and the promising prospects it brings for future cooperation in various sectors. The discussions also underscored Nicaragua’s support for India’s candidacy for various United Nations bodies and other international organizations, reflecting a robust mutual support on the global stage.

The historical ties and recent developments underscore a mutual commitment to expanding and deepening cooperation across multiple domains. As the global landscape continues to evolve, the partnership between India and Nicaragua is poised to contribute significantly to regional and international stability and prosperity.