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Bulgaria Aims to Strengthen Bilateral Ties with Indonesia

In a bid to forge stronger diplomatic ties and expand collaborative efforts, the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Indonesia, Petar Andonov, has voiced his intent to bolster bilateral relations between the two nations. Speaking on 16th of August, 2023, Ambassador Andonov extended his warm wishes to Indonesia on the occasion of its 78th Independence Day, highlighting his determination to foster enduring friendships and partnerships. He said, “As we celebrate the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, I seize this moment to affirm my unwavering commitment to nurturing and broadening the longstanding and amicable relationship between Bulgaria and Indonesia at the bilateral level,” Ambassador Andonov conveyed during his statement to ANTARA. 

The ambassador’s expression of goodwill was accompanied by an eagerness to cultivate collaboration across multiple domains, including politics, trade, education, and culture. He emphasized the potential for increased dialogue, engagement, and knowledge-sharing between the two nations, further enriching their interconnectedness. With a focus on fostering innovation and contributing to the strategic alliance with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Ambassador Andonov conveyed his optimism for the future. He additionally extended his wishes of triumph to Indonesia in its role as the current chair of ASEAN. His sentiments echoed the confidence that the Republic of Indonesia’s leadership will contribute positively to the ASEAN community and facilitate enhanced regional cooperation and growth. Reflecting on his aspirations for the multifaceted partnership between Bulgaria and Indonesia, Ambassador Andonov shared his vision for a collaborative future. “May the cooperation between our countries grow stronger, leading us towards a prosperous shared destiny,” he remarked.

The Ambassador’s remarks were received with appreciation and optimism by Indonesian officials and diplomats. The potential for elevated interactions between Bulgaria and Indonesia, especially in areas such as trade, culture, education, and political cooperation, promises to yield mutual benefits and contribute to the broader regional stability and progress. As these nations look toward the horizon of expanded cooperation, the resonance of shared values and aspirations sets the stage for a future characterized by unity, growth, and prosperity.