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AUKUS Pact Tests the International Balance

The United States, United Kingdom and Australia launched a trilateral security pact “AUKUS” to pursue mutual interests and enhance defence and security in the Indo Pacific region. It is another example of the coming together of the western countries to fight the increasing complexities in the region due to the Chinese attempts of expanding horizons. According to the pact, the countries will collaborate on issues including undersea capabilities as well as cyber security. One of the decisions taken has been to provide Australia with nuclear powered submarines. 

The pact has not gone down well with several international actors. On one hand, the Chinese has accused it of having tendencies to disrupt the international peace and security. On the other, the French have shown distress at the deal. France was to supply 12 submarines to Australia before the collaboration between US, UK and Australia was announced.

China has condemned the alliance by accusing it of disrupting the international peace and security. New Zealand has also openly said that it will ban the Australian nuclear submarines from its waters. The former Prime Minister of UK Theresa May also stated that the deal will lead to a war with China. All these exchanges point towards an unstable international environment. 

The AUKUS deal is a historic agreement and has brought the western world into much focus for two reasons. The leaders of US, UK and Australia have applauded the move and spoken of the positive effect it is bound to have on the international scenario. There are two important points to consider. One, it has brought the age old western allegiance into focus and how it operates too. Second, on the contrary it has led to a crack in the western group by means of this collaboration.  The deal has definitely been the topic of speculations and analysis. There are many experts talking of Cold War analogies and the signs do not indicate anything else. Follow ups by means of more political decisions are expected.