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ASEAN 2021 Shares A 5 Point Agenda Restoration of Peace in Myanmar

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an organisation that works to promote economic, social, cultural, technical and education cooperation in the region. Myanmar is also a member of ASEAN and the recent coup in the country has led to a concerned response from the economic union. The meet was held on 24th April in Jakarta, Indonesia and there was a detailed discussion about the current status of political leadership in Myanmar.

The members shared their grave concerns and suggested measures to improve the conditions in Myanmar. The meeting was presided by the ASEAN 2021 Chair Brunei Drussalam.

At the end of the meeting, a five point consensus statement was agreed upon and shared. The leaders present for the meet decided upon the following points to enhance the process of normalcy in Myanmar:
• First, there shall be immediate cessation of violence in Myanmar and all parties shall exercise utmost restraint.
• Second, constructive dialogue among all parties concerned shall commence to seek a peaceful solution in the interests of the people.
• Third, a special envoy of the ASEAN Chair shall facilitate mediation of the dialogue process, with the assistance of the SecretaryGeneral of ASEAN.
• Fourth, ASEAN shall provide humanitarian assistance through the AHA Centre.
• Fifth, the special envoy and delegation shall visit Myanmar to meet with all parties concerned.

The members also voiced their deep concern for the fatalities and instances of violence in the country and urged the military to release the political prisoners at the earliest. This detailed document was welcomed by India and the Government responded by saying that the diplomatic exchanges between the two countries will aim to further the set goals and initiatives.

Several countries from all over the world have condemned the military takeover in Myanmar and have shared their anxiety about the escalated violence in the country. Reuters reported that the military was not willing to engage with any other country to improve the condition. In fact the country has not responded to any requests from other countries and even from the United Nations envoys for visits. The European Union has imposed new sanctions including travel bans and freezing of assets of people involved in the coup. The United States too has increased additional sanctions on the country. Yet, the military has not responded optimistically.

The call by ASEAN brings out a new hope in the possibility of reconciliation of the situation. The military junta of Myanmar is now being circled by countries and organisations from around the world. The hope is that wisdom will prevail and the military will come forward to negotiate terms and reach a peaceful resolution of the situation.