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16th India-U.K. Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism Held in New Delhi

On 21 May 2024, India and the United Kingdom (U.K.) held the 16th meeting of the Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism in New Delhi, India. Shri K.D. Dewal, Joint Secretary for Counter-Terrorism in the Ministry of External Affairs, led the Indian delegation, and Mr. Chris Felton, Head of Counter Terrorism Network for Asia and Oceania, Government of United Kingdom, led the corresponding U.K. delegation to discuss the current counter-terrorism cooperation between both countries. Both delegations condemned global terrorism and emphasised the need to check the cross-border movement of terrorists. They stressed the need for stronger international cooperation to counter terrorism in a sustained and comprehensive manner, strictly following the UN charter and international law.

Assessment of Threats

During the meeting, both countries assessed the terrorist activities in their respective regions and territories. They also scrutinised the threats posed by globally sanctioned terrorist individuals and groups. Both sides discussed the benefits of proscribing individual terrorist groups and entities as a means of countering terrorism. Furthermore, they explored the possibilities of working together in multilateral fora to combat terrorism.

Counter-Terrorism Challenges

During the meeting, the U.K. and India exchanged views on multiple challenges in the counter-terrorism fight. They include combating the financing of terrorism, countering radicalisation and violent extremism, preventing exploitation of new and emerging technologies for terrorism, information sharing, law enforcement and judicial cooperation, and aviation and maritime security.

Counter-radicalisation efforts formed a vital agenda in the meeting. Both sides agreed on finding the root cause of terrorism and violent extremism. They also shared the best strategies to engage with communities to tackle the spread of extremist ideologies.

Another critical area of discussion was the financing of terrorist groups. Both sides emphasised the urgent need to assess and curb the flow of funds to terrorist groups. They also stressed the need to enhance cooperation between their respective financial intelligence units to facilitate a more robust exchange of information related to suspicious financial transactions.

Exploitation of emerging technologies is a legitimate threat at the moment. Hence, both sides acknowledged the urgent need to stay ahead of these threats by adopting strategic practices.

The India-UK Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism meeting in New Delhi reaffirmed India and the U.K.’s commitment to counter-terrorism towards regional and global safety and security. Both nations can contribute to a more secure future with continuous collaboration and mutual efforts. The 17th India-UK Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism will take place in the U.K. at a date convenient for both sides.