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14th Annual Special Forces and Diver Refresher Course by Indian Navy Concludes in Mauritius

The three-week intensive training program of the 14th Annual Special Forces and Diver Refresher course conducted by the Indian Navy’s Mobile Training Team came to a close on November 24, 2023. The refresher course took place in Mauritius, and the training was conducted for 50 personnel from various units of the Mauritius Police Force. The course was conducted under the 14th edition of the Special Forces and Diving Refresher Camp, for which Indian Navy Marine Commandos and Divers Mobile Training Team (MTT) were already present in Mauritius. According to a statement by the Indian Navy, the personnel were trained in “asymmetric warfare, maritime interdiction ops & underwater salvage”.

Aims of the Program:

The course began on November 9, 2023. The main objective of the course was to promote interoperability between the armed forces of India and Mauritius. The primary responsibility of the MTT was to enhance the capabilities of the Mauritius Police Force in Maritime Special Operations and Salvage Operations at sea. For the same, several drills were conducted by Indian Navy personnels. The Specialized Units that received training during the program were the National Coast Guard (NCG), Special Mobile Force, Very Important Person Security Unit (VIPSU), Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit, and Police Helicopter Squadron. The diverse elements included training in the latest equipment, tactics in special operations, underwater skills necessary for disaster response, and explosive handling.

Relations between India and Mauritius:

India has a longstanding relationship with Mauritius due to cultural, historical, and demographic reasons. This island nation in the Western Indian Ocean was one of the first diplomatic partners of India since relations were established in 1948. The continuous high-level political engagements between dignitaries of both nations indicate the level of trust and mutual understanding shared by the two countries. These bilateral ties are also reflected in the sectors of maritime security, capacity-building, development partnerships, and cooperation in international fora. There are several India-assisted cooperation projects ongoing in Mauritius that are also indicative of the relationship between the two nations.

The Special Forces and Diver Refresher is organized annually and is tailor-made to suit the objective interoperability between the armed forces of both countries. The closing ceremony of the refresher course was presided over by Mr. Anil Kumarsing Dip, the Commissioner of Police, Mauritius. The exercise is part of India’s outreach to African countries, where the former is making efforts to build trade over defense products. With regular exercises such as these, the defense ties with African nations would surely receive a much-needed boost.