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Volcano eruption kills five people in New Zealand

A satellite image shows White Island before volcanic eruption on Monday.
A satellite image shows White Island before volcanic eruption on Monday.

After White Island eruption, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern confirms the death of five people. The health authorities mention that some of the injured will not survive severe burns.

As per reports, eight people are still missing or presumed to be dead after a volcano which is a tourist attraction suddenly erupted off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island on Monday

Prime Minister of Australia confirms that among the dead, five were Australian citizen. New Zealand police feared more casualties as the rescue services are unable to reach White Island. The island remained too dangerous after the eruption of volcano on Monday at about 2:11 p.m.

Minutes before the eruption, around 50 people, New Zealand as well as foreign tourists, were feared to have been nearby. Besides, several were spotted near the rim of the carter.

From many days, tour visits to the Island become frequent. Importantly, one tour group, ovulation of the sea, a cruise liner was there at the time. Some tour operators took some people off the island before it was declared unsafe. In the process, twenty-three people were rescued and others were still on the island, said New Zealand police.

St. John Ambulance service mentions that around twenty people got injured due to sudden volcanic eruption. Additionally, the organisation has sent seven of its helicopters with medics on board.

Several people with burn injuries were brought to Whakatane via helicopter. Whakatane is the nearest town on the mainland. A crater rim camera shows that some tourists were either walking towards or away from the rim inside the carter. From the rim which is placed inside the carter, provides a passage to the white vapour which apparently, led to its eruption.

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