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Sustaining Bilateral Ties: President Macron Sends New Sapling to President Trump

Bilateral Ties

President Emmanuel Macron to send President Donald Trump a new tree after the death of the first co-planted oak After the death of the first co-planted oak tree, French President Emmanuel Macron will now be sending US President Donald Trump a new sapling To reinforce the strength of US-France bilateral ties, President Emmanuel Macron will send President Donald Trump a new sapling

US Imposes Sanctions on Iran’s PGPIC

Iran’s largest petrochemicals

US imposes economic restrictions on Iran’s largest petrochemicals The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Iran’s largest petrochemical’s group, PGPIC due to its ties with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) US Treasury Dept. has confirmed sanctions on Iran’s Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC), given its ties with the IRGC. PGPIC is Iran’s largest and most profitable petrochemical group. The economic sanctions

US, Mexico Reach Immigration Deal; Import Tariffs Called Off

US and Mexico

: US and Mexico reach agreement to deal with migration across common border US President Donald Trump suspends scheduled import tariffs against Mexico as the two nations reach an agreement on immigration US President Donald Trump has called off the 5% import tariffs, scheduled to be imposed Monday, against Mexico. The tariffs were “indefinitely suspended” as the two nations reached a signed agreement on

US Terminates India’s Preferential Trade Status

Modi Trump

India is no longer a beneficiary of the Generalized System of Preference (GSP), the United States’ oldest and largest trade preference programme Following an earlier warning, US President Donald Trump has now terminated India’s preferential trade status. In March, the United States President announced that he will strip India of its beneficiary designation under GSP. The 60-day notice period for the same ended May 3,


Indian rupee not in Currency Monitoring List

US removes India from its Currency Monitoring List The US Treasury Department has removed Indian Rupee from its updated Currency Monitoring List of major trading partner nations. India had been placed in the watch list in October 2018 The US Treasury Department has removed India from its Currency Monitoring List of major trading partners. China, however, continues to

India Signs ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ to Tackle Extremism Online

Emmanuel Macron

India, along with 25 signatories, has agreed to assist one another and to build momentum and widen support for the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’. The document is aimed at stopping abuse of the Internet by extremists. India signed the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ on Wednesday to combat online extremism. The agreement was initiated by the French and New Zealand governments, along

US Lawmakers Introduces Bill to Ban Chinese Military Scientists From American Labs

US China

US lawmakers have introduced a bill to keep the Chinese military away from critical research on American college campuses and limit the economic surveillance activities of China in the US. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced identical resolutions that seek to ban Chinese military scientists from American labs. Individuals employed or sponsored by the Chinese military institutions will not receive

India, China Are Europe’s Only Hope To Save Iran Deal

Iran deal

One of the biggest foreign policy achievements of the West is the Iran deal, which the diplomats believe might collapse without an accord to sell Iran oil to India or China. The Iran nuclear accord is expected to collapse without a deal to sell Iranian oil to China or India. However, India has halted its Iran oil purchase under the pressure

Indian Naval Joins US, Philippines, Japan in South China Sea Drill

Joint Naval Exercise

Indian destroyer INS Kolkata and tanker INS Shakti participated in the combined naval exercise in the disputed South China Sea amidst the US-China conflict over the commercial control of the area. Indian Navy joined the naval exercise by the US, Japan, and the Philippines in the disputed South China Sea. The warships from these countries performed six-day naval drills in the

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