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‘Collapse Explosion’ at Kilauea Volcano Destroys Hawaiian Structures

A “collapse explosion” at the summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano on Wednesday sent a surge of lava that destroyed structures in an evacuated housing development, geologists and civil defence authorities said. The blast sparked by the gradual collapse of the volcano’s crater was equivalent to a 5.3 magnitude earthquake and caused lava to burst from a fissure 25 miles (40 km)

Trump under Fire for Remark on Russian Meddling

After President Trump made headlines at Helsinki for refusing finding of U.S.A intelligence agencies and siding with Vladimir Putin, he came home to criticism at its best and backlash and outrage at its worst from friends and foes alike. Once back, however, President Donald Trump claimed to have “full faith” in his intelligence agencies and stated that he had repeatedly accepted

Diplomacy between the Two Koreas as an Alternative to U.S.A’s Failed Policies

This article was published in the monthly edition for June 2018. Author- Ms. Gayathri Iyer. *Trade sanctions are a subcategory of economic sanctions, which are commercial and financial penalties imposed by one or more countries, and targeted against a country, organization, group or individual.   Chinese Customs data for March 2018 shows that the unilateral sanctions by the U.S. on North Korea have, at the

U.S. Set to Remove Military Presence from Seoul

The United States of America has marked a day in the history of the world by formally ending it seven-decade-old military presence in South Korea’s capital. With the opening of a new headquarters farther from North Korean artillery range, most troops have already transferred to the new location, and the remaining ones will move by the end of 2018. The U.S.

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