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US Imposes Sanctions on Iran’s PGPIC

Iran’s largest petrochemicals

US imposes economic restrictions on Iran’s largest petrochemicals The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Iran’s largest petrochemical’s group, PGPIC due to its ties with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) US Treasury Dept. has confirmed sanctions on Iran’s Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC), given its ties with the IRGC. PGPIC is Iran’s largest and most profitable petrochemical group. The economic sanctions

US, Mexico Reach Immigration Deal; Import Tariffs Called Off

US and Mexico

: US and Mexico reach agreement to deal with migration across common border US President Donald Trump suspends scheduled import tariffs against Mexico as the two nations reach an agreement on immigration US President Donald Trump has called off the 5% import tariffs, scheduled to be imposed Monday, against Mexico. The tariffs were “indefinitely suspended” as the two nations reached a signed agreement on

Mueller Report: No Russian Involvement in 2016 Presidential Elections

Mueller Report found no collusion with Russia during President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, says US Attorney General

US Attorney General’s letter to Congress revealed no Russian involvement in President Trump’s 2016 election campaign as per the Mueller Report United States Attorney General, William Barr sent a letter to Congress on Sunday, outlining the outcome of the Mueller Report. The letter freed President Donald Trump from all allegations of Russian involvement in his 2016 Presidential campaign. Special Counsel

US President Asks European Allies to “Take Back” ISIS Fighters

US President Donald Trump calls on European allies to take back Islamic State fighters captured by the US-backed forces in Syria

United States’ President Donald Trump has called on his European allies to “take back over 800 ISIS fighters” that the US captured in Syria and “put them on trial”. This came after the US-backed Kurdish-led forces initiated a final offensive to clean out the last ISIS pocket in Syria last week US President Donald Trump has called on Germany, France, Britain

Trump “Not Happy” with Border Deal, Another Shutdown Unlikely

The US President Donald Trump has said that a second government shutdown is unlikely, after the Congress agrees for a border security deal.

After the Congressional negotiators agreed on a border security deal in a bid to avoid another US government shutdown, the US President is still “unhappy” In order to prevent another US government shutdown, the Democrats and Republicans have managed to sketch out a finance deal worth $1.4bn, on Monday. This $1.4bn fund, almost a quarter of what US President Donald

Iraq says, No permission to US to “Watch Iran”

Iraq's president Barham Salih to Trump: don't overburden us with your Iran issues.

US Troops do not have the permission to “Watch Iran,” says the Iraqi President. Barham Salih was responding to the US President Donald Trump’s comments on “to be able to watch Iran” Iraq’s President Barham Salih cleared some air by saying that US troops do not have Iraq’s permission to “watch Iran.” Comments were made a day after the US President

Chaos in Venezuela Intensifies

The two men locked in Venezuela power struggle. Opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido in left; Current Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro in Right.

Venezuela’s political turmoil may not come to an end soon, as the world stands divided. With Maduro’s continuous refusal of holding fresh election and the international community extending support to the self-proclaimed interim President, Juan Guaido, the country is bracing for further political disorder  In the middle of strong global pressure, Nicolas Maduro continues to represent the current political crisis in

US Senate Votes to end US Support to Yemen War

US Senate Votes to end US Support to Yemen War

The Senate voted to end US support to the Saudi-UAE-led Yemen War.  Defying the USA President Trump, US Senate voted to approve a resolution calling an end to the USA’s involvement in the Saudi-UAE led military campaign in Yemen. The Senate also passed a resolution stating that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is responsible for the murder of the US journalist

Russia considers retaliation over US, called new sanctions illegal, unfriendly

In the US row of tightening sanctions over countries like Iran and North Korea, Russia joined the targets and it readily plans on the retaliatory measures. On Thursday, Russia condemned US sanctions and has started considering retaliation over a new round sanctions applied on the trade. The U.S. State Department said on Wednesday that it would impose fresh sanctions by the month’s

Trump Government Pounds Down on the EB-5 Visa

The Trump administration is pressurising the Congress to reform or eliminate the EB-5 investors’visa program. The Visa provides green cards to foreigners investing a minimum of $1 million within USA.These make nearly 10 permanent full-time jobs. The move comes from the Trump administration amid increasing reports of misuse or fraud from foreign nationals. Top American lawmakers have been opposing this Visa tooin

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