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French President Highlights Brexit Lesson to EU

French President, Emmanuel Macron released an open letter to the people of Europe, highlighting the Brexit lesson to the EU

Highlighting the importance of Europe and the need to remain united, French President, Emmanuel Macron released an open letter, directly addressing the people of Europe. He asserted that the Brexit has outlined a need for reform within the European Union. The letter comes weeks before Britain is expected to divorce from the EU French President, Emmanuel Macron directly addressed the citizens

Brexit approved by the European Union at Brussels summit

Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, now has to push the withdrawal deal through the Parliament and also convince her party members

Ending much speculation, the European Union leaders on Sunday approved the Brexit deal. The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, will now need to struggle to pass the Brexit bill through the Parliament and also convince her party members of the effectuality of the deal Though the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, called the Brexit a “tragedy”, he also emphasised

UK’s Prime Minister Names New Brexit Secretary

Amidst turmoil due to a couple of resignations that have hit the British government over the Brexit draft deal, British Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a new Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay, a junior health minister who voted to leave the European Union, will be the new Brexit secretary. Whereas May will focus on overseeing negotiations, Barclay will devote his energies in ensuring the withdrawal agreement passes through the

INDIA–UK: Celebrating a ‘Fusion of Two Cultures’

This article was published in D&B’s special edition: United Kingdom-India (A 21st Century Partnership) The relationship between India and the UK has been solely defined through the lens of ‘colonial raj’ by most historians and authors. But on observing their relationship post 1947, one can see that it has evolved with time and diversified. Over the last 300 years, the

UK Experiences More Exports to India than the EU

Britain’s Office for National Statistics, on Friday, released figures the latest figures for balance of payments, which have apparently seen the Brexit-bound Britain experience exports to India grow faster than those to the European Union. The statistics showed exports of UK goods and services rising to a record £620.2 billion. The Theresa May government sees India as one of the key

Prime Minister Modi’s Popularity Ranks him under Forbes’s Top 10

Forbes has announced its list of seventy five most powerful humans in the world. The list has ranked PM Modi under Modi at 9th position. Modi has outranked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (ranked 13), United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May (14), Chinese premier Li Keqiang (15) and Apple CEO Tim Cook (24). This year’s list is also the unique as the

Russia Faces Global Diplomatic Expulsions Following UK Nerve Agent Attack


New Delhi: A growing number of countries around the world have decided to take action against Russia following the nerve agent attack in the U.K. in early March. On Monday, the U.S. surprised the world by expelling record-60 alleged Russian spooks.  The mass retaliation against Moscow has isolated it in the global community. Australia followed by expelling two diplomats and stated

MI5 and Police Thwart Islamist Plot to Assassinate PM Theresa May

Theresa May

New Delhi: An Islamist terror plot to assassinate British Prime Minister Theresa May has been foiled by MI5 and country's security services. Two men in connection with the conspiracy have been arrested, media reports said today. The two men were plotting to kill the prime minister by using a bomb disguised as a bag to blow off the gates of Downing Street

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