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China removes extradition bill

China to scrap extradition bill

China to scrap extradition bill On Wednesday, China officially removes extradition bill. The bill would have opened a passage for movement of criminals from Hong-Kong to China. They can send criminals for trial abroad including to Communist Party-controlled courts in China. The bill has created unrest among the people. Hong- Kong's legislature on Wednesday formally withdraws this planned legislation.  The removal of extradition

Mass Protest in Lebanon gains momentum

Mass protest calls for wider economic reforms in Lebanon

Mass protest calls for wider economic reforms in Lebanon Demonstrators in Lebanon took to the streets on the fifth day of anti-government protest. The mass protest is against the debilitating economy and weak government. The mass protest in Lebanon continued on the fifth day as demonstrators registered their anguish against the looming economic collapse. Significantly, the protests started against the government’s decision to

National Strike against austerity measures paralyzes Equador

Austerity measures spark protest in Equador

Austerity measures spark protest in Equador Protestors in Equador have clashed with police personnel and demanded a repeal of the austerity measures. The austerity measures were introduced to stabilize the country’s economy Defiant protestors in Equador continued to demonstrate against President Lenin Moreno’s decision to introduce austerity measures. On the other hand, President Moreno has stated that the measures are necessary to fix the country’s

China warns Hong Kong Protesters, US expresses concern

China warns Hong Kong protesters amid unrest

China warns Hong Kong protesters amid unrest China warned it will not ‘sit by and watch” the unrest in Hong Kong, as US President Donald Trump expressed concern over the escalation of tensions China's ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoming said that if the situation in Hong Kong deteriorates, China will not “sit by and watch” and it will "quell the unrest swiftly".

Protests over Extradition Bill bring Hong Kong to a standstill

Hong Kong Protests over Extradition Bill intensifies

Hong Kong Protests over Extradition Bill intensifies Hong Kong descended into chaos after city-wide protests against the proposed extradition legislation turned violent. Defiant protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong to register their protest against the proposed bill, which would have allowed some suspects to be sent back to mainland China for trials. Irate protesters started fires outside police stations

Power-Sharing Agreement between two Sudanese Rival Factions

Movement have reached a power-sharing agreement

Protesters during the Sudan Crisis Sudan’s Ruling Military Council and the Country’s Pro-Democracy Movement have reached a Power-Sharing Agreement The power-sharing agreement signed between the two rival parties of Sudan shall resume peace after the protest started in April. The deal which is set to emerge as part of the envoy shall break months of political impasse, since autocratic leader President Omar al-Bashir was

Budget Session Updates: Lok Sabha Passes Finance Bill

On day-nine of the Parliamentary Budget Session, 2019, the Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill, while the Upper House of Parliament was adjourned before the tabling of the controversial Citizenship Bill. Today’s session will witness the final verdict on the amendment bill (previously passed by the Lok Sabha) in the Rajya Sabha Amid sloganeering and protests in the Parliament regarding

French Government to take Strict Actions against Unannounced Protests

French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced government will back law implementing restrictions on unannounced demonstrations

French Prime Minister announced that the government will now employ stricter means to restrict unannounced protests after seven weeks of unrest caused by the yellow vest protest across cities in France French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced on a French TV channel that the government would support law implementing stricter measure to put an end to unannounced demonstrations during the ongoing

Shutdown in Kerala Post Sabarimala Protester’s Death

Kerala witnessed a complete shutdown on Thursday, followed by the death of Sabarimala Karma Samithi protester on Wednesday

Violent protests broke out in Kerala after two women under the age of fifty entered the Sabarimala temple on Wednesday. An injured protester died during the clashes, resulting in a dusk-to-dawn shutdown in Kerala on Thursday Two women under the age of fifty entered the Sabarimala temple early on Wednesday. This was followed by violent protests across Kerala. Chandran Unnithan, a

Modi Govt. Requests Extension for Bullet Train

Judging by the progress of the situation, India will miss her December deadline for acquiring land for the Japan-backed $17 billion bullet train project due to protests by fruit growers. These protests will probably bring about a delay in one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most ambitious projects. The PMO’s office is currently observing the project on a week-to-week basis. Officers from

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