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Trudeau to form minority government

Trudeau wins narrow victory

Trudeau wins narrow victory The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may cling on to office even though his party fails to get a clear majority.   In the recent elections, the liberals lost their foothold and managed to get 157 seats out of a total of 338. Thus, to form the government, Trudeau needs 13 more MPs. No party was able to reach

Canadian Ambassador for China Sacked Amid China-Canada Diplomatic Row

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau fired Canada’s Ambassador to China, John McCallum amid Huawei row

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has fired Canada’s Ambassador to China, John McCallum. The decision came soon after the Ambassador made controversial statements about Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou's extradition by the United States amid ongoing Canada-China diplomatic rift Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau fired the country’s Ambassador to China, John McCallum after he made controversial statements about the ongoing Huawei

Amid Diplomatic Rift, Chinese Court Announces Death Sentence for Canadian Citizen

China-Canada diplomatic row worsens as Chinese court announces death sentence for Canadian detainee, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg

Soon after Canada arrested Huawei CFO, China revived an old case against a Canadian detainee. On Monday, a Chinese court announced death sentence for the detainee. The Canadian government is viewing the sentence as arbitrary, further deepening diplomatic tension China’s Dalian Intermediate People's Court sentenced Canadian citizen, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg to death for smuggling drugs on Monday. The Canadian Prime Minister,

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