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Australian Prime Minister Visits Australian Troops in Iraq

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison flew down to Iraq on Thursday for a pre-Christmas meet with Australian troops

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison flew down to Iraq for a pre-Christmas visit to meet Australian troops deployed in the country Since assuming office in August, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison made his first visit to the Middle East. He flew down to Iraq to carry out a pre-Christmas meet with Australian Defence Force personnel and the special forces

US Defence Secretary Resigns Over US Withdrawal of Troops from Syria

United States Secretary of Defence, James Mattis resigns after clash with US President over US withdrawal of troops from Syria

United States Secretary of Defence, James Mattis resigned on Thursday amid disagreement with the US President, Donald Trump over the withdrawal of US military forces from Syria The United States President, Donald Trump claimed victory over the ISIS in a tweet on Wednesday, soon after senior White House officials were informed about the abrupt potential withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Syrian Democratic Forces Concerned Over US Withdrawal of Troops

President Donald Trump to withdraw over 2000 United States troops from Syria, claiming ISIS defeat

The United States President, Donald Trump abruptly announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria, claiming victory over the Islamic State (ISIS). The US ally, Syrian Democratic Forces now fears potential instability and danger for Syria On Tuesday night senior Whitehouse officials were informed about the United States President, Donald Trump’s decision to initiate an abrupt and rapid withdrawal of over two

ISIS head Baghdadi released 55 minute audio message for his followers, calls the losses a test from Allah

On Wednesday, a 55 minute audio recording of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was found by the media wing of terror outfits. In the audio, the leader denoting to his followers is heard saying that they are being tested with "fear and hunger" and that "glad tidings" will be rewarded to "patiently persevere". He also said that the losses being

Three Suicide Attacks Rock Pakistani City of Quetta, 6 Policemen Killed


New Delhi: Three suicide bombers attacked Pakistani police and paramilitary troopers in the country's southwest province, killing at least five security force members and wounding seven others. A military statement said on April 24 that a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a police van on Airport Road in Balochistan Province's capital, Quetta, killing five officers and wounding seven others. Provincial

Can India Learn from Singapore’s De-radicalization Programme?

Singapore model

New Delhi: The Centre has sought inputs from states on whether the 'Singapore Model' to counter Islamic radicalization with community involvement can be implemented in the country. According to this model, the government instead of taking radicalized youth through a long criminal trial will impart lessons in nationalism and religious rehabilitation with the help of popular scholars and community leaders. "For

Russian Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of IS Fighters in East Syria

304 ISIS fighters were killed in the two-day operation, including seven high-level commanders of the terrorists, injured jihadists are 170.

New Delhi: Russia's military has said its air strikes in eastern Syria this week killed more than 300 Islamic State militants. According to Moscow's Defense Ministry official, Igor Konashenkov, more than 170 terrorists were injured. The ministry said the air strikes also hit and destroyed an IS training centre, as well as artillery positions, tanks and ammunition depots belonging to the

Donald Trump at UNGA: US President Calls for Strong Coalition against Rogue Regimes

US President Donald Trump addresses the 72nd Annual UN General Assembly in New York.

On Tuesday, US president Donald Trump in maiden address to UN general assembly dished out threats to North Korea and took the opportunity to bash the Iranian nuclear deal. The General Assembly address is a milestone moment for any president, and President Trump used this platform to air his concerns and highlight the priorities set by his government. Trump’s eight months

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