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India Signs ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ to Tackle Extremism Online

Emmanuel Macron

India, along with 25 signatories, has agreed to assist one another and to build momentum and widen support for the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’. The document is aimed at stopping abuse of the Internet by extremists. India signed the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ on Wednesday to combat online extremism. The agreement was initiated by the French and New Zealand governments, along

India, China Are Europe’s Only Hope To Save Iran Deal

Iran deal

One of the biggest foreign policy achievements of the West is the Iran deal, which the diplomats believe might collapse without an accord to sell Iran oil to India or China. The Iran nuclear accord is expected to collapse without a deal to sell Iranian oil to China or India. However, India has halted its Iran oil purchase under the pressure

Indian Naval Joins US, Philippines, Japan in South China Sea Drill

Joint Naval Exercise

Indian destroyer INS Kolkata and tanker INS Shakti participated in the combined naval exercise in the disputed South China Sea amidst the US-China conflict over the commercial control of the area. Indian Navy joined the naval exercise by the US, Japan, and the Philippines in the disputed South China Sea. The warships from these countries performed six-day naval drills in the

Indian Army to Deploy 464 Russian-Origin Tanks

Russian-Origin Tanks

The Indian Army will deploy 464 Russian-origin T-90 battle tanks in its 67 armoured regiments to strengthen its capabilities, the Defence Ministry sources said. The Indian Army will deploy 464 Russian-origin upgraded T-90 ‘Bhishma’ main-battle tanks of worth Rs. 13,448 crore during 2022-2026. The move is aimed at strengthening its “shock and awe” capabilities and combat prowess along the border

France Deems India “Absolutely Needed” As Permanent Member of UNSC


France reiterates support for India, along with Germany, Japan, Brazil, and equitable representation of Africans, for its permanent seat in the expansion of the UNSC. India, besides Germany, Brazil, and Japan is deemed as “absolutely needed” for permanent members of the UN Security Council. The support has come from France, stating that the enlargement of the council group is crucial for

India-South Africa Diplomatic Relations: An Everlasting Bond

India-South africa Diplomatic Relations

India-South Africa diplomatic relationship, formally established decades ago, has matured into a robust economic, social, and strategic partnership, thriving on enhanced leadership engagements and multiple agreements on greater cooperation India and South Africa share an extremely unique and fundamental relationship. The bilateral association is a deep rooted relation since decades as both the nations have been through similar history of sovereignty

Indian Army Claims Footprints of Mythical Beast ‘Yeti’

Indian Army claimed to have spotted ‘Yeti’, a furry ape-like mythical creature, which found its existence only in the Nepali folklore but has never been proven. The Indian Army claimed on Tuesday to have sighted mysterious footprints of ‘Yeti’ close to Makalu Base camp. The Mountaineering Expedition team came across the mythical Himalayan beast while they were heading towards the peak,

Ramayana Stamp Released In Indonesia To Celebrate Old Cultural Bonds

Ramayana stamp released

The Embassy of India in Jakarta, in partnership with Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosted an inaugural event to mark the 70 years of diplomatic relations between India and Indonesia. In a landmark move, Indonesia has released a Ramayana themed stamp for the first time. The inaugural event was held to flag off the 70th anniversary of India-Indonesia diplomatic ties. The special

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