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Judge blocks Trump’s insurance rule for immigrants

The US President proposed hardline stand on immigration

The US President proposed hardline stand on immigration The white house has suffered yet another setback. This time the issue revolves around hard-line stand on immigration. The judge ruled that the proposal would result in “irreparable harm”  A judge blocked the insurance rule proposed by US President Donald Trump. According to the proposed rule, the new immigrants would require having health insurance

US, Mexico Reach Immigration Deal; Import Tariffs Called Off

US and Mexico

: US and Mexico reach agreement to deal with migration across common border US President Donald Trump suspends scheduled import tariffs against Mexico as the two nations reach an agreement on immigration US President Donald Trump has called off the 5% import tariffs, scheduled to be imposed Monday, against Mexico. The tariffs were “indefinitely suspended” as the two nations reached a signed agreement on

129 Indian Students Arrested in US, Top Priority for Indian MEA

Indian External Affairs Ministry makes the arrest of 129 Indian students in the US “highest priority”

130 students have been arrested in a “pay-to-stay scam” in the United States, out of which 129 are Indian citizens. The arrest of Indian students has now become a “top priority” for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Indian Ministry of External Affairs under Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj has made the detainment of 129 Indian students in the United States a

Foreigners Under Investigation in New Zealand Amid Mass Destruction Weapon Scare

Twelve foreign nationals face investigation by the New Zealand immigration authority as country tightens security measures

Twelve foreign nationals are under investigation by the New Zealand immigration authority amid growing scare of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the country. The suspects mostly comprise students from nations that have not yet signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaties Twelve foreign nationals looking to study or work in New Zealand are under investigation by the New Zealand immigration authority. The investigation

Brazil shuts border for Venezuelan refugees

In an attempt to escape the impact of Venezuelan political and economic crisis, a Brazilian judge has redirected authorities to shut the borders. The order seeks to keep the borders closed until the orderly procedures for immigration could be put in place. Federal Judge Helder Barreto, ordered the borders of northern Brazilian state of Roraima to be kept shut stating that the state

Trump Government Pounds Down on the EB-5 Visa

The Trump administration is pressurising the Congress to reform or eliminate the EB-5 investors’visa program. The Visa provides green cards to foreigners investing a minimum of $1 million within USA.These make nearly 10 permanent full-time jobs. The move comes from the Trump administration amid increasing reports of misuse or fraud from foreign nationals. Top American lawmakers have been opposing this Visa tooin

Trump to Stop Separating Families under Mounting Pressure

Two days ago, the United States of America (U.S.A.) raised an international storm by declaring that the country was pulling out of the controversial United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). On Tuesday, the U.S. Ambassador to UNHRC Ms. Nikki Haley announced U.S.A’s withdrawal at the Department of State in Washington, close to when it struck midnight in Geneva, Switzerland. Haley announced that

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