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India Signs ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ to Tackle Extremism Online

Emmanuel Macron

India, along with 25 signatories, has agreed to assist one another and to build momentum and widen support for the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’. The document is aimed at stopping abuse of the Internet by extremists. India signed the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ on Wednesday to combat online extremism. The agreement was initiated by the French and New Zealand governments, along

France Deems India “Absolutely Needed” As Permanent Member of UNSC


France reiterates support for India, along with Germany, Japan, Brazil, and equitable representation of Africans, for its permanent seat in the expansion of the UNSC. India, besides Germany, Brazil, and Japan is deemed as “absolutely needed” for permanent members of the UN Security Council. The support has come from France, stating that the enlargement of the council group is crucial for

Massive Fire Engulfs Paris’ Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Paris’ medieval cathedral, Notre Dame was overpowered by gigantic flames that led to the collapse of its roof and spire on Monday evening Notre Dame de Paris, an 850-year-old part of French history, witnessed a massive fire on Monday evening. Subsequently, the treasured structure lost its spire and roof as people gathered around the building in tears and sheer disbelief. The fire

French President Highlights Brexit Lesson to EU

French President, Emmanuel Macron released an open letter to the people of Europe, highlighting the Brexit lesson to the EU

Highlighting the importance of Europe and the need to remain united, French President, Emmanuel Macron released an open letter, directly addressing the people of Europe. He asserted that the Brexit has outlined a need for reform within the European Union. The letter comes weeks before Britain is expected to divorce from the EU French President, Emmanuel Macron directly addressed the citizens

French Government to take Strict Actions against Unannounced Protests

French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced government will back law implementing restrictions on unannounced demonstrations

French Prime Minister announced that the government will now employ stricter means to restrict unannounced protests after seven weeks of unrest caused by the yellow vest protest across cities in France French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced on a French TV channel that the government would support law implementing stricter measure to put an end to unannounced demonstrations during the ongoing

France to Replace Post-Brexit Britain as World’s Sixth Largest Economy

Centre of Economic and Business Research report suggests, France will take over Britain as the 6th largest economy post Brexit

According to the Centre of Economic and Business Research, France is estimated to become the sixth largest economy, replacing Britain from the rank post Brexit According to a recent report by the Centre of Economic and Business Research (CEBR), the Brexit deal would lower Britain’s economic rank. The report suggests that France will become world’s sixth biggest economy with the fall

French President Reassures Complete Support for Fighting Extremism in Central Africa

French President, Emmanuel Macron visits French troops for a pre-Christmas meet in N'Djamena, Chad

During his two-day visit to Chad, French President, Emmanuel Macron confirmed that France will extend complete military support to Central Africa. The President was in the country to pay a  pre-Christmas visit to the French troops French President, Emmanuel Macron flew down to Chad for a two-day visit, scheduled for meeting the French military forces deployed in the country. This marked the

Syrian Democratic Forces Concerned Over US Withdrawal of Troops

President Donald Trump to withdraw over 2000 United States troops from Syria, claiming ISIS defeat

The United States President, Donald Trump abruptly announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria, claiming victory over the Islamic State (ISIS). The US ally, Syrian Democratic Forces now fears potential instability and danger for Syria On Tuesday night senior Whitehouse officials were informed about the United States President, Donald Trump’s decision to initiate an abrupt and rapid withdrawal of over two

Authorities Reveal Strasbourg Shooter was on France’s National Security List

Gunman who Opened Fire at the Strasbourg Christmas Market, a Potential Terror Threat Listed on the National Security List.

French authorities have revealed that the Strasbourg shooter who opened fire at the crowded Strasbourg Christmas market, on Tuesday, is potential terror threat and is on the country’s national security list Late in the evening, on Tuesday, a gunman opened fire at the City Centre in Strasbourg. The location was quite crowded as many were out enjoying the Christmas market, police

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