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Amazon wildfires are an “international crisis”, says Macron ahead of G7

Macron urges world leaders to discuss Amazon wildfire at G7 summit

Macron urges world leaders to discuss Amazon wildfire at G7 summit France’s President Emmanuel Macron has called the Amazon wildfires an “international crisis” and enjoined world leaders to discuss the issue at the G7 summit. Ahead of the much-anticipated G7 summit, France’s President Emmanuel Macron responded to the Amazon wildfire crisis and said that “our houses are burning”. “The Amazon rain forest

Amazon rainforest wildfires plunges Sao Paolo into sudden darkness

Amazon rainforest wildfires blankets Sao Paolo

Amazon rainforest wildfires blankets Sao Paolo Thick black clouds from the Amazon wildfires stayed over Sao Paolo, fuelling concerns regarding the environmental disaster. Smoke from the wildfires in Amazon region plunged Sao Paolo into darkness on Monday. Brazil’s National Institute of Meteorology, Inmet, stated that the phenomenon transpired due to humid air, heavy clouds, and several other factors. Winds brought the particulate matter from the wildfires

France Deems India “Absolutely Needed” As Permanent Member of UNSC


France reiterates support for India, along with Germany, Japan, Brazil, and equitable representation of Africans, for its permanent seat in the expansion of the UNSC. India, besides Germany, Brazil, and Japan is deemed as “absolutely needed” for permanent members of the UN Security Council. The support has come from France, stating that the enlargement of the council group is crucial for

Senegal’s Black Civilization Museum for a Post-Colonial Cultural Vision

Senegal’s Museum of Black Civilisation opens December 6.

Senegal launches the biggest museum of Black Civilization on Thursday in the capital city of Dakar. The first Senegalese President, Leopold Sedar Senghor, announced the establishment of a post-colonial cultural vision in 1966. It has been 52 years since the first Senegalese president tabled the idea of decolonizing culture through a post-colonial cultural vision. On Thursday, the vision will finally

Brazil shuts border for Venezuelan refugees

In an attempt to escape the impact of Venezuelan political and economic crisis, a Brazilian judge has redirected authorities to shut the borders. The order seeks to keep the borders closed until the orderly procedures for immigration could be put in place. Federal Judge Helder Barreto, ordered the borders of northern Brazilian state of Roraima to be kept shut stating that the state

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