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US Military Strikes Kills Al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia

Though they were driven out of the capital in 2011, Al-Shabaab militants still hold sway over the regional towns of Somalia

In efforts to weaken the hold of militant group in Somalia, the US launched airstrike against Al-Shabaab militants.  As per the military’s Africa Command (Africom), the strike was carried out in Friday near Lebede, 30 November. It is an operation to support the UN-backed government there, which has been struggling with Al-Shabaab insurgency for years. The US military has carried out at least 37

African Union Celebrates 55th Anniversary in 2018

“The month of May is a celebration of what it means to be African; to deepen and expand our knowledge, engage in cultural exchanges and sharpen our ideas. It also means to come together as one.” - African Seniors at Coronationville Rec. Centre on 25th May   The basic theme of the 2018 celebration of Africa Day for the African Union (AU) was

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