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Maldives Elections: Ex-President Nasheed Marks Landslide Victory

Mohammad nasheed
Early results show a landslide victory for Maldivian Democratic Party and MDP’s leader, Mohammed Nasheed

Maldives Ex-President made a dramatic return to the national parliament while leading his Maldivian Democratic Party to a two-thirds majority

With a promise to end corruption and pull the country up after months of distress, Maldives Ex-President, Mohammed Nasheed successfully led his party to a decisive parliamentary win. Nasheed’s political party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) secured more than two-thirds seats in the 87-member assembly.

Nasheed is known for being the first democratically elected Maldivian President and one of the founders of the Maldivian Democratic Party.

While addressing the party supporters, on Sunday, after winning the elections, Nasheed said, “Our foremost duty is to bring peace to the government.”

The Elections Commission announced the provisional results, which divulged that Maldivian Democratic Party won 68 seats.

Winning the seat from capital Male, Nasheed remarked, “The parliament you have elected today possesses integrity.” He further added, “You desired to reform the general well-being of the nation… Hopefully, we will succeed in fulfilling your wishes.”

The Maldivian Democratic Party promised to use this mandate for ushering a new era of stability and democracy in the Indian Ocean region. He has always acknowledged the need for stability for the island as it emerges from years of political crises and corrupt administration.

This historic win marks Nasheed’s return to active politics after the leader ended his journey of exile, only in November 2018.

Maldivian Democratic Party’s victory can also be seen as a democratic verdict against Abudulla Yameen, former Maldives President and Nasheed’s arch-rival. Yameen encountered major election defeat in September 2018 after facing corruption and embezzlement allegations.

According to election officials, the polls had 80 per cent total turnout. The final results from official sources are expected later.

Election commissioner, Ahmed Shareef spoke to the media and clarified that no complaints of irregularities during the vote, balloting or counting has been reported.



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