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Delhi’s air quality plunges to ‘very poor’ levels

Air pollution

In a worrying revelation that has sounded the alarm yet again for the city, the air quality of Delhi continues to worsen. In fact, for the very first time this season, the air quality has dipped to ‘very poor’ levels.

The Central Pollution Control Board recorded the Air Quality Index of Delhi at 313 on Wednesday, up 22 points from Tuesday. The Quality Index recorded on the day is hazardous for health. The average PM2.5 and PM10 levels have also witnessed a spike. Various leading agencies have pointed out that in the coming days, the situation will only aggravate as the pollution levels will rise due to low wind speeds, harvest stubble burning in the northern plains.

The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) stated that the measures aimed at improving Delhi’s pollution levels have already been implemented, barring the upsurge in parking fees, which is not likely to be implemented in 2018.

Sunita Narain, director-general of Centre for Science and Environment was quoted as saying, “We have been observing the situation closely. We will not hike parking changes because it will be difficult to implement in the absence of a parking policy. The other measures are in place and only need execution on the ground. We have also asked other agencies to intensify their action.”

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