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New Zealand PM Honoured at Christchurch Memorial

Jacinda Ardern received standing ovation at christchurch

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was given a standing ovation at a remembrance service held for Christchurch Attack victims. She was applauded for her compassion and respect A nation-wide memorial service for the Christchurch Attack victims was held in New Zealand witnessed a crowd of over 20,000 people. As Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took the stage at Hagley Park, she was

Huawei Takes US Government to Court over “Unconstitutional” Ban

Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Guo Ping announcing the new development during a press conference at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen on Thursday.

Huawei is suing the US over a government ban on its products Huawei, taking a firm stand against Donald Trump Administration, filed a complaint in the US federal court in Texas challenging the unconstitutionality of Section 899 of the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA). Under the act, the Chinese telecommunication giant is facing restrictions over its sales including a ban on

Oil Spill Poses Threat to UN World Heritage Site in Solomon Islands

Oil spill near UNESCO world heritage site, East Rennell is now emerging as major threat to the ecosystem and the people of Rennell Island

Hong Kong-flagged ship ran aground near the UNESCO protected world heritage site of East Rennell in the Solomon Islands, a month ago. The subsequent leak led to an oil spill, which has now become a primary threat to the ecosystem and population of Rennell Island A month ago, Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship—Solomon Trader—carrying over seven hundred tons of fuel oil, ran

UK Must Return Diego Garcia to Mauritius: ICJ

The International Court of Justice has ruled the UK must return the territory – hosting major US military base - to Mauritius and complete the decolonisation.

In a non-binding judgement, the International Court of Justice has advised that the UK must return Chagos Archipelago to Mauritius The International Court of Justice (ICJ), seated at the Peace Palace in The Hague, has observed that the United Kingdom must end their administration of the Chagos Archipelago at the earliest. In non-binding ruling, ICJ said, "The United Kingdom is under

Australian Court Quashes Appeal for Coal Mine Amid Climate Change

Australian court shuts down coal mine in NSW due to potential impact on climate change

An Australian land and environment court shut down development of the Rocky Hill coal mine in the Hunter Valley on Friday. The ruling was made keeping in mind the coal mine’s impact on Climate Change Australia’s Environment and Land court ruled against Gloucester Resources’ appeal to establish the Rocky Hill coal mine in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Chief Judge

A Sudden Death Traps Cryptocurreny worth C$190 million

Millions of dollars of virtual money at stake as the CEO of cryptocurrency start-up suddenly dies. He was the only person holding the password to access the funds of more than 1,00,000 users.

Estimated C$190 million worth of crypto coins stored in QuadrigaCX's 'cold wallets' are now reportedly inaccessible because the CEO, only person with the password to access the funds, mysteriously died in India Gerald William Cotton is the man garnering attention around the world with his sudden death in Jaipur, India last year. The mystery of his demise got complex when it

Talks Concluded on Qatar, EU Open Skies Agreement

Qatar and the European Union have agreed to terms for an open skies agreement, expected to be signed this year. Speaking during a CAPA Summit in Doha, both sides confirmed.

Qatar Airways and the European Union officials, gathered for the CAPA Qatar Aviation, Aero-political and Regulatory Summit in Doha, announced that the talks on open skies agreement have concluded, and will provide broader access to carriers from both sides In a strategically significant move, Qatar and the EU, will soon conclude the final terms for an open skies agreement, as confirmed

Iraq says, No permission to US to “Watch Iran”

Iraq's president Barham Salih to Trump: don't overburden us with your Iran issues.

US Troops do not have the permission to “Watch Iran,” says the Iraqi President. Barham Salih was responding to the US President Donald Trump’s comments on “to be able to watch Iran” Iraq’s President Barham Salih cleared some air by saying that US troops do not have Iraq’s permission to “watch Iran.” Comments were made a day after the US President

Chaos in Venezuela Intensifies

The two men locked in Venezuela power struggle. Opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido in left; Current Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro in Right.

Venezuela’s political turmoil may not come to an end soon, as the world stands divided. With Maduro’s continuous refusal of holding fresh election and the international community extending support to the self-proclaimed interim President, Juan Guaido, the country is bracing for further political disorder  In the middle of strong global pressure, Nicolas Maduro continues to represent the current political crisis in

Foreigners Under Investigation in New Zealand Amid Mass Destruction Weapon Scare

Twelve foreign nationals face investigation by the New Zealand immigration authority as country tightens security measures

Twelve foreign nationals are under investigation by the New Zealand immigration authority amid growing scare of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the country. The suspects mostly comprise students from nations that have not yet signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaties Twelve foreign nationals looking to study or work in New Zealand are under investigation by the New Zealand immigration authority. The investigation

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