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Congress Declares its Chief Ministers

Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi

  The Congress has chosen its leaders for the Chief Ministerial posts for the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. They won these three states in the Vidhan Sabha Elections held in mid-November.   Madhya Pradesh Nine-time Member of Parliament from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, 72-year oldKamal Nath has been declared as Congress’s pick for the Chief Ministerial position in an election that almost declared a hung-verdict. Kamal Nath will

India Signs Haj Agreement with Saudi Arabia

Indian Minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Saudi Arabian Minister, Muhammad Saleh Benten sign bilateral agreement for Haj 2019

India’s Minister of Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Haj and Umrah, Muhammad Saleh Benten signed a bilateral agreement for Haj 2019, on Thursday in Jeddah. Senior officials from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Haj and Umrah headed by the Haj and Umrah Minister, Muhammad Saleh Benten met the senior delegates from India led by Indian Minority

Kamal Nath Declared Congress Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh 

Rahul Gandhi posted a photo of himself with Jyotiraditya Scindia (left) and the future Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath (right), after declaring his decision.

Kamal Nath will be the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Decision on Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh is likely today. A nine-time Member of Parliament from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, the 72-year old Kamal Nath has been declared as Congress’s pick for the Chief Ministerial position in an election that almost declared a hung-verdict. The formal announcement was made late in the evening at a meeting of the

Shaktikanta Das Appointed as RBI’s New Governor

Shaktikanta Das was Appointed as the New RBI Governor by the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet

The Appointment Committee of the Cabinet appointed former Department of Economic Affairs Secretary, Shaktikanta Das as the new Governor of Reserve Bank of India. The decision was made soon after former Governor Urjit Patel’s unanticipated resignation. Soon after former Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel’s sudden resignation, the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet instated Shaktikanta Das as the Governor

State Assembly Election Results: Congress Surpasses BJP in Three States

State Assembly Election Results Announced for Rajasthan, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Chhattisgarh on Tuesday.

It has been a rather interesting Tuesday for India, which woke up to live updates on the exit polls for state elections held in five Indian states. Over eight thousand candidates contested elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Telangana and Chhattisgarh. After the evaluation of votes in over 1.7 lakh electronic voting machines, the anticipated results for mandate 2019 have

India Holds First-Ever International Conference on ‘Sustainable Water Management’

India Hosts First Global Conference on Sustainable Water Management

India is holding a two-day international conference on ‘Sustainable Water Management’, starting Monday in Mohali, Punjab. The conference will be the first of its kind, involving experts from around the globe. India began the first-ever global conference on ‘Sustainable Water Management’ on Monday in Mohali, Punjab. The two-day conference aims at initiating and encouraging international dialogue between nations for the

75% Voter Turnout Recorded for the Second Phase of Assam Panchayat Elections

In Second Phase of Assam’s Panchayat Elections on Sunday, Voter Turnout of 75% was Recorded.

Assam’s second phase of Panchayat elections took place on Sunday and recorded a voter turnout of 75%. The first phase, earlier on December 5 had witnessed an 80% turnout. The second phase of Assam Panchayat Elections recorded a 75% voters’ turnout on Sunday. The voting went on till late at night in 900 polling station across ten districts. The state

Voter Turnout High for Rajasthan Elections

Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje from the BJP is not expected to come back next term as per exit polls

The state has recorded an overall of 74.21 percent of voter turnout for the Assembly elections held on Friday. Female voters recorded a higher percentage of voter turnout in Rajasthan, at 74.66 percent, versus the 73.80 percent for men, as per the final-voter turnout registered by the Election Commission on Saturday. There are 2.27 crore women and 2.47 crore men in

Amid tension with US, Pakistan Steps Up Efforts to Mend Ties with India

Pakistan Ready to Make Efforts to Mend Bilateral Relationship with India

Pakistani Military officials plans on strengthening ties with India as economic conditions worsen with US President Donald Trump withdrawing $2 billion security aid. Pakistan also fears an increased dependency on China. The Pakistani military is ready to go out of its way to establish better relations with India after the withdrawal of United States’ security aid of $2 billion. The

India, UAE Sign Currency Swap Agreement to Boost Investment

UAE, India Foreign Ministers meet at the 12th UAE-India Joint Commission Meeting in Abu Dhabi, Sign Currency Swap Agreement

Indian and United Arab Emirates signed a currency swap agreement on Tuesday for enhancing the trade and investment partnership between the two countries. The agreement was signed post the 12th edition of India-UAE Joint Commission Meeting for Economic and Technical Cooperation. The Agreement signed will facilitate trade between India and UAE without the use of international currencies. According to an official

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