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India Signs ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ to Tackle Extremism Online

Emmanuel Macron

India, along with 25 signatories, has agreed to assist one another and to build momentum and widen support for the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’. The document is aimed at stopping abuse of the Internet by extremists. India signed the ‘Christchurch Call to Action’ on Wednesday to combat online extremism. The agreement was initiated by the French and New Zealand governments, along

France Deems India “Absolutely Needed” As Permanent Member of UNSC


France reiterates support for India, along with Germany, Japan, Brazil, and equitable representation of Africans, for its permanent seat in the expansion of the UNSC. India, besides Germany, Brazil, and Japan is deemed as “absolutely needed” for permanent members of the UN Security Council. The support has come from France, stating that the enlargement of the council group is crucial for

Indo-French Joint Naval Exercise ‘Varuna’ Begins Off Goa Coast


The 17th edition of Indo-French joint naval exercise ‘Varuna’ commenced with the first phase held off the Goa coast. The second phase will take place off Djibouti coast near the Horn of Africa. The naval forces of India and France are holding anti-submarine warfare games, called Varuna 19. The exercise will be conducted in two phases. The first part has commenced

Sri Lanka Bans Face Coverings In Public Post Easter Bombings

The The government of Sri Lanka imposes ban on covering faces. The move comes just days after a Member of Parliament in Sri Lanka submitted a motion to ban burqa citing security reasons. In light of the Easter Sunday attacks, the Sri Lankan government has imposed ban on facial coverings Sunday. With this move, the country joins Asian, African, and European

Pakistan Imposed With US Sanction For Refusing to Take Back Deportees

US Visa

The Trump Administration has been effective in using the US visa sanction on many countries, including Pakistan. Pakistan joins the list of 10 nations that have been imposed with the US visa sanctions. Under this law, countries refusing to bring back its citizens and visa over-stayers will be denied American visas. The move came after Islamabad refused to take back its citizen

Xi-Jinping to Abolish Anti-Competitive Subsidies to Chinese Firms

Xin-Jinping to abolish subsidies

The President of China  Xi- Jinping, repeated past promises to lower tariffs, increase imports and open up more sectors of China's economy to foreign businesses in his speech at the US trade talks. President of China, Xi Jinping, said Friday to abolish subsidies to firms that hinder fair competition. The decision came while addressing a summit on his Belt and Road project. "We

Ramayana Stamp Released In Indonesia To Celebrate Old Cultural Bonds

Ramayana stamp released

The Embassy of India in Jakarta, in partnership with Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosted an inaugural event to mark the 70 years of diplomatic relations between India and Indonesia. In a landmark move, Indonesia has released a Ramayana themed stamp for the first time. The inaugural event was held to flag off the 70th anniversary of India-Indonesia diplomatic ties. The special

Sri Lanka Likely To Ban Burqa After Serial Blasts

Burqa ban

A Member of Parliament in Sri Lanka stated in his motion to ban burqa for the national security reason. He also said that it is not a traditional Muslim attire. Sri Lanka is planning to ban burqa after massive serial blasts that claimed hundreds of lives in the country. The government is in consultations with the mosque authorities, a report said. Sources

Leaders Worldwide Condemn Sri Lanka Bombings

Sri Lanka Seial Blast

Serial blasts in Sri Lanka targeted three churches and four hotels on Easter Sunday. Sri Lanka, on April 21, was trembled with the wave of bombings that occurred during the Easter progress. The incident claimed nearly 300 lives, with at least 500 injured. As the nation continues to count dead bodies, leaders worldwide have expressed their shock over the ghastly attacks. Malcolm

Sri Lanka Serial Blasts: Over 200 Dead, Curfew Imposed Across Nation

Blasts in Sri lanka

Three churches and four hotels were attacked in a series of blasts in Sri Lanka, leaving more than 200 dead and 500 injured so far. Sri Lanka was hit by multiple explosions during the Easter mass progress on Sunday. The death toll has reached to 207 and over 500 people have been reported to be injured so far. A 12-hours curfew

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