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Gas Will Replace Coal as the Second Largest Energy Source by 2030

The geography of energy consumption continues its historic shift to Asia The World Energy Outlook 2018 report states that “major transformations are underway for the global energy sector, from growing electrification to the expansion of renewables, upheavals in oil production and globalization of natural gas markets." Released by Paris-based International Energy Agency, it states that natural gas is expected to overtake coal as the

Russian media believes China flared artificial GDP growth

  The Russian media doubts the GDP growth of China which superseded Japan’s economy in 2010. It alleges China of manipulation in its GDP figures. Media Research company Chinascope published a report from Radio Free Asia, which cited a commentary that appeared in Russian daily Kommersant. The piece, titled "The Deception of the GDP," claimed that the GDP was doctored by 'powerful

The Upward Movement of Bangladesh’s Economy

This article was published in D&B’s monthly edition for June 2018. Bangladesh, once one of the poorest economies in India’s neighborhood, is on the way of changing its old narrative where it remained an economic basket case – dealing with poverty, famine, and unemployment. The condition in the country was so wretched that when Bangladesh registered faster growth than Pakistan in

Iran and India to Scale-Up Commercial Trade

Despite US pressure to cut trade with Iran, India, today gave a strong signal that it would rather scale up its commercial engagement with Tehran possibly through a bilateral preferential trade pact. India has conveyed its intention to step up economic ties with Iran, leader of a high-level visiting trade delegation from Tehran said the two countries should work together without

Indo–Israeli Agricultural Cooperation: The Way Forward

This article was published in D&B’s special edition: 70th Anniversary of Israel’s Independence Israel’s agricultural breakthrough is the world’s most renowned success story: a country with only 20% arable land and vast territory covered with desert that barely gets a drop of rain. Despite unfavorable climatic conditions and a similar topography, 95% of the country’s food requirement is met by Israel’s

Tokyo Meeting a Step Towards Biggest Trading Bloc

Asian trade ministers took another step toward creating what could be the world’s biggest trading bloc on Sunday, expressing hope that a deal could be signed by the end of this year. Ministers from the 16-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which includes China, Japan and India but not the U.S., met in Tokyo on Sunday to try and thrash out remaining

India to Join WTO dispute consultation

India has expressed its willingness to join the WTO dispute consultation requested by Norway as third party against the US decision to impose high customs duties on certain steel and aluminum products. In a communication to the World Trade Organization (WTO), India said it has substantial trade interest in the sector. In May, India has already dragged the US to the World

Indian Rupee Crashes to Lifetime Low against Dollar

The Indian rupee has shown a marginal recovery from its lifetime low to trade at 68.95 per dollar in late morning deals on Thursday amid heavy month-end demand for the American currency from importers and banks. In early trade on Friday, the rupee fell to an all-time low tracking Asian peers, with weakening macro-economic fundamentals on the domestic front also weighing on

Now Shop Via Text With Walmart’s New Service, Jetblack


Walmart Inc. has launched its new same-day delivery service, where shoppers can order through their phones using text messages. The service is set to challenge Amazon Prime and Prime Now. The service known as Jetblack is rolled out of Walmart’s Store No. 8 incubator. It is a member only service that will be available to applicants in New York, before expanding

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