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We are in “emergency zone” of Brexit, Says CBI Director

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union officially on March 29, 2019.

The business lobby group of the Confederation of British Industry says the chances of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal are increasing, as Brexit enters the “emergency zone.” The apprehensions around the ultimate fate of Brexit are at its peak and every concerned body is now voicing their trepidations. The latest to comment on the current state of

British PM Faces Defeat as MPs Reject Brexit Deal by Substantial Majority

British PM Theresa May to face confidence vote on Wednesday after MPs voted against the Brexit Deal on Tuesday

  Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May faced a historic parliamentary defeat as the House of Commons voted against the Brexit deal by 432 to 202, marking a majority of 230 votes. The PM will now face a confidence vote The House of Commons vote against the Brexit deal by a majority of 230 votes vanquished British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Soon after

French Government to take Strict Actions against Unannounced Protests

French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced government will back law implementing restrictions on unannounced demonstrations

French Prime Minister announced that the government will now employ stricter means to restrict unannounced protests after seven weeks of unrest caused by the yellow vest protest across cities in France French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe announced on a French TV channel that the government would support law implementing stricter measure to put an end to unannounced demonstrations during the ongoing

Italian Health Institute President Resigns Claiming “Anti-Scientific” Policies

President of Italy’s National Health Institute resigns as government continues to endorse non-scientific policies

Italy’s National Health Institute President, Walter Ricciardi has resigned, alleging that the Italian government is risking public health by supporting unscientific policies and procedures The President of Italy’s National Health Institute, a primary health research organisation, Walter Ricciardi has resigned claiming that the government of Italy has been promoting non-scientific procedures, especially in the case of vaccines, thereby risking public

Authorities Reveal Strasbourg Shooter was on France’s National Security List

Gunman who Opened Fire at the Strasbourg Christmas Market, a Potential Terror Threat Listed on the National Security List.

French authorities have revealed that the Strasbourg shooter who opened fire at the crowded Strasbourg Christmas market, on Tuesday, is potential terror threat and is on the country’s national security list Late in the evening, on Tuesday, a gunman opened fire at the City Centre in Strasbourg. The location was quite crowded as many were out enjoying the Christmas market, police

French President Ready to End Civil Unrest

French President, Emmaneul Macron Agrees to the Demands of the Yellow Vest Protestors.

After weeks of civil unrest, French President Emmanuel Macron concurred to the demands of the gilets jaunes. In a television address, the President promised tax concessions and higher minimum wages French President Emmanuel Macron agreed to the demands of the gilet jaunes to put an end to the yellow vest protests. In his address on primetime television, the French President promised

British Prime Minister Delays Votes on Brexit Deal

British PM, Theresa May Postpones Tuesday’s Brexit Vote Amid Opposition on the Irish Backstop Proposal

Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May has postponed the final vote by Members of the Parliament on the Brexit deal scheduled for Tuesday. Amid opposition to the Irish backstop, Prime Minister admits the deal would have been voted down by a huge margin Prime Minister Theresa May delayed the Tuesday vote on the Brexit Deal on Monday. Late in the afternoon, the

President Macron Urges Prime Minister to Hold Talks Over Unrest in Paris

French President has refused to bow down to street protestors.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux had indicated the Macron administration was considering imposing a state of emergency. After car-riots and nationwide protests broke out on 2 December, the French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered the Prime Minister to hold talks with political demonstrators. Rioters went amok in Paris’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, torching dozens of cars, looting boutiques and smashing up luxury private homes. This is the worst

Brexit approved by the European Union at Brussels summit

Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, now has to push the withdrawal deal through the Parliament and also convince her party members

Ending much speculation, the European Union leaders on Sunday approved the Brexit deal. The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, will now need to struggle to pass the Brexit bill through the Parliament and also convince her party members of the effectuality of the deal Though the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, called the Brexit a “tragedy”, he also emphasised

Brexit: May rushes to Brussels ahead of EU Leaders’ Summit this Sunday

Theresa May heads to meet Jean-Claude Juncker

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has scheduled an emergency visit to Brussels this Saturday in order to draft a finalised agreement before the European Union leaders’ meeting on Sunday. Post May’s meeting on Wednesday with the EU President Jean-Claude Juncker, the Prime Minister acknowledged the persistence of unresolved issues. The Gibraltar trade conflict with Spain, the prolonged negotiations with France,

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