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President Sirisena dissolves the Parliament of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's newly appointed PM Rajapakse with President Sirisena

After ousting Ranil Wickremesinghe from his Prime Ministerial post for his party-member Mahinda Rajapaksa, President Sirisena dissolves the Parliament as it comes out that Rajapaksa does not hold majority Clearing the road for snap election two years before schedule, President Sirisena has dissolved the Parliament. A week ago, he appointed his party-member Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister by ousting RanilWickremesinghe. The newly elected Prime

South Korea grants more than US$260 million for upgradation of rail and roads in North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in (left) with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un

South Korea has marked more than USD 260 million, or 295.1 billion won, for the up gradation of railways and roads in North Korea. South Korean President Moon Jae-in plans to connect South Korean transport networks with North Korea. Most of it is given freely, with a part given as a loan. "It is an estimate for now ... we will continue efforts,

Movie Mogul of Hong Kong, Raymond Chow, passes away

Raymond Chow with Jackie Chan

Famed movie producer from Hong Kong, Raymond Chow, who discovered martial arts legends Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, passed away at 91. Chow is said to have brought global attention to Hong Kong cinema by cofounding Golden Harvest in 1970. Some of his noteworthy movies include the likes of ‘Fist of Fury’, ‘Police Story’ and ‘The Private Eyes’. He also

Indonesia dismisses Lion Air Director following plane crash

The remains of the airline crash are searched

The technical director of Lion Air has been removed by Indonesia’s Transport Minister. The minister said the removal comes in the wake of the airline crash on Monday. The plane had onboard 189 passengers. There have been no reports of survivors so far. The plane that crashed just thirteen minutes after takeoff was among Boeing’s newest and most advanced jets.

Uzbek deputy PM sacked for humiliating farmers

Zoyir Mirzayev

Zoyir Mirzayev, the deputy Prime Minister of Uzbek has been sacked over a scandal concerning the humiliation of farmers. Reports have revealed that the deputy prime minister reprimanded a group of farmers for failing to water the wheat fields on time. The farmers were forced to stay enter a ditch, where they remained for a duration of half an hour. Taking cognizance

Turkey Warns Against Idlib Offensive Citing Humanitarian Concerns

As the possibility of a wide offensive by Syrian and Russian forces against the Idlib province in Syria escalates, neighbour Turkey has warned that such an initiative will be a humanitarian disaster that will lead to the deaths and displacement of many Syrian civilians. Idlib, the only province still held by rebels is the final hurdle that remains for Syria's

Japanese Prime Minister Seeks Constitutional Amendment as Elections Approach

In a significant call in the run-up to the upcoming Japanese elections for the leadership of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, PM Shinzo Abe has urged his fellow partymen to move quicker  on the LDP’s push to revise and reform Japan’s constitution. The appeal comes in light of the elections due on the 20th, where PM Abe will hope to

Myanmar Rejects ICC Jurisdiction In Rohingya Crisis

Myanmar has rejected an interim ruling passed by the International Criminal Court yesterday on the basis that the ICC has no jurisdiction on any domestic issues of the country. The South Asian country has been for the past year, at the centre of international criticism over its human rights record, especially towards minority Rohingya populations. In a statement put out by

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