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Bangladesh PM Accuses Pakistan and BNP of Sabotaging Upcoming General Elections

Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Hasina accused opposition party, BNP of teaming up with Pakistan and ISI to sabotage 11th General Elections

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina said that the Bangladesh Nationalist Party has paired up with the ISI and Pakistan to disrupt the upcoming Bangladeshi General Elections, scheduled for December 30, 2018 Ahead of Bangladesh’s 11th General Elections, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has alleged that Pakistan and the ISI have partnered with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in order to sabotage the

Japan to Resume Commercial Whaling After Over 30 Years

Japanese government confirmed on Wednesday that the country will be quitting the International Whaling Commission, resuming commercial whaling for the first time in over three decades. Japan has received international criticism for the decision The Japanese government chief spokesperson, Yoshihide Suga, revealed on Wednesday that Japan would resume commercial whaling from July 2019. The decision ends an over 30 year long

Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court Declares Dissolution of Parliament Illegal 

President Sirisena (right), with Mr Rajapaksa, both who hail from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party

    This verdict is a resounding blow to Maithripala Sirisena, the President, who hails from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and wanted to displace the candidate of the other party of the coalition – United National Party – from the Prime Ministerial post.  The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka has rejected the President Sirisena’s attempt to dismiss the Parliament and hold snap elections. This move has

Khaleda Zia, ex-PM of Bangladesh, is Barred from Contesting Elections

Khaleda Zia has been serving her prison sentence since February 2018

Khaleda Zia, Bangladesh’s ex-PM, who is currently jailed, had her candidature rejected by the country’s Election Commission The former Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia is serving a 5-year jail term since February 2018, after a court convicted her for embezzlement of foreign donations meant for an orphanage named after her husband and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) founder and slain president Ziaur Rahman,

South Korea Sends Train to North Korea for the First Time In 10 years

This developmental project is part of South Korea’s plan to economically integrate the two countries

The South Korean officials and experts boarded the train to undertake an 18-day, 750-mile survey of railway tracks in North Korea.  As per South Korea’s plan to integrate the two Koreas economically, the country is planning to develop North Korea’s key infrastructural needs. Yet, unless sanctions are not lifted against North Korea, it will not come to life as expected. For this journey, permission from

Taliban Attacks Kabul’s G4S Compound Post Initiation of Peace Plans

10 killed, 19 injured in Taliban attack on G4S compound in Kabul, Afghanistan

Taliban gunmen ambushed a British security contractors’ compound in Kabul on Wednesday. The incursion took place soon after Afghan President AshrafGhani proposed peace plans for the country. A contractors’ compound of the British security service company, G4S was attacked by gunmen on Wednesday, in Kabul, Afghanistan. The attack was marked by a sudden bomb explosion right outside the G4S facility, leading

 Chinese President leaves for multiple state visits and G20 summit

Chinese President left for several state visits and G20 summit on Tuesday

 The Chinese President, Xi Jinping left for state visits to Panama, Portugal and Spain on Tuesday. The President is also scheduled to arrive at the G20 summit in Argentina on Friday China’s President, Xi Jinping left for a series of international visits on Tuesday. He was accompanied by his wife Peng Liyuan, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and members of the Communist

Sri Lankan President refuses to reinstate ousted PM

Sri Lankan President refuses to reinstate ousted PM

Sri Lanka’s political predicament persists as President Sirisena refuses to reinstate ousted Prime Minister, Wickremesinghe In a recent interaction with the press, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has refused to reinstate toppled Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. The President asserted that Wickremesinghe was corrupt and unable to establish strong economic policies. He added that the former Prime Minister’s liberal governing was not suitable

Russia tightens data protection post intelligence leaks

The Russian communication ministry has published a bill that implements strict policies around data protection in Russia. The bill seeks to protect leak of personal information from state agencies’ database. Russian authorities had to deal with discomfiture when the passport information of two men accused by Britain in the Salisbury poisoning case was leaked. The leaked information, reportedly, identified the two

Policemen killed in a militant attack on Chinese consulate in Pakistan

Militant attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi

Three assailants from a militant group attacked the Chinese consulate in Karachi on Friday morning. This comprised an hour of firing at the consulate and has been claimed by a militant group from Balochistan called Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). The group released pictures of the three attackers and said the attack was an attempt to battle Chinese occupation. BLA has

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