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Taiwan Becomes First Asian Nation to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

Same- Sex Marriage

Taiwan’s Parliament passed a landmark bill on Friday, making the nation the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage The Taiwanese Parliament passed a bill that legalised same-sex marriage across the nation on Friday. It has now become the first country in Asia to do so. In 2017, a constitutional court of the East Asian nation ruled in favour of same-sex

Japan And Vietnam Defence Ministers Seek To Peacefully Resolve South China Sea Issue

South China Sea Issue

In a meeting held at Hanoi, the defence ministers of Japan and Vietnam agreed to resolve the territorial claim disputes in South China Sea, Japanese ministry officials said. The defence ministers of Vietnam and Japan have confirmed to work peacefully together to tackle China’s rapid expansion in the South China Sea. The statement came after both the countries held an official

Maldives Elections: Ex-President Nasheed Marks Landslide Victory

Mohammad nasheed

Maldives Ex-President made a dramatic return to the national parliament while leading his Maldivian Democratic Party to a two-thirds majority With a promise to end corruption and pull the country up after months of distress, Maldives Ex-President, Mohammed Nasheed successfully led his party to a decisive parliamentary win. Nasheed’s political party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) secured more than two-thirds seats

Forty-Eight Years of Bangladeshi Independence

Bangladeshi capital city of Dhaka

On March 26, 1971, East Pakistan made its first declaration of independence from Pakistan, marking the start of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. The war ended with the surrender of West Pakistan. The subsequent independence led to the establishment of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Today, the nation stands as a resilient player in Asia, with a growing economy

Satellite Images Indicate Reconstruction of North Korean Launch Site

Reports suggest reconstruction of North Korean launch site

Following the underwhelming results of the US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi last week, the nuclear-powered Asian nation is now being alleged of rebuilding its Sohae launch site. Satellite images suggest rapid reconstruction on the site that began mid-February    North Korea is now being alleged of rebuilding its Sohae rocket launching station, previously dismantled as a sign of cooperation post the

Lowest Growth Target for China Since 1990  

Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang says “tough struggle” awaits China amid slowing economic growth

The world’s second largest economy, People’s Republic of China, has now set its lowest growth rate target since 1990, estimated at 6.0% to 6.5%. Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, has affirmed that the country needs to be prepared for a “tough struggle” While addressing the National People’s Congress on Tuesday, Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang asserted, “We will face a graver and

India, China Leading Contributors in Global Greenery: NASA Study

NASA satellite data reveals the Earth is greening, with China and India jointly responsible for a third of the increase.

The world is getting greener and India, China are the leading contributors, revealed a recent study based on NASA satellites India and China are leading contributors to the increasing global greenery, says a study published this Monday, based on NASA satellite data analysed by researchers across the world. The massive tree plantation programmes and agriculture intensive economies are two of

Political Unveiling: Thailand’s Princess to Run for Prime Minister

Thailand’s Princess, Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi to run for office in the March elections

Princess of Thailand and Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s elder sister, Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi was revealed as the new Prime Ministerial candidate in the national elections, scheduled for next month. She is now the first and only member of the Royal family to run for office Thai Raksa Chart party officially nominated Thailand’s Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi as their Prime

Sheikh Hasina Bags Landslide Victory in Bangladesh General Elections

Sheikh Hasina to start 3rd term as Bangladeshi PM post Bangladesh Awami League led coalition’s landslide victory in Bangladesh General Elections

Bangladesh Awami League bagged a landslide victory in Bangladesh’s General Elections. The party leader, Sheikh Hasina will now begin her 3th term as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh   According to the Bangladesh Election Commission, Bangladesh Awami League-led coalition won by a thundering majority in the Bangladesh General Elections held on December 30, 2018. The landslide victory sealed in a third

Southern Philippines Struck with 7.0. Magnitude Earthquake

7.0. earthquake strikes Southern Philippines Davao Oriental region on Saturday

An earthquake of 7.0. magnitude struck Southern Philippines 120 miles southeast of the city of Davao on Saturday morning. Pacific regions closer to the earthquake have been warned about a potential tsunami Southern Philippines was hit by 7.0. magnitude earthquake during the morning hours on Saturday. The earthquake broke out 120 miles southeast from the city of Davao, Philippines. Parts

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