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South African Elections 2019: African National Congress Sustains Power

African Elections 2019

The 2019 South African Parliamentary Elections brought in a major win for President Cyril Ramaphosa and a sixth term for the African National Congress   The South African electoral commission announced the results of the 2019 polls held last week, declaring a clear majority win for the African National Congress on Saturday. This would be the sixth term in power for

India-South Africa Diplomatic Relations: An Everlasting Bond

India-South africa Diplomatic Relations

India-South Africa diplomatic relationship, formally established decades ago, has matured into a robust economic, social, and strategic partnership, thriving on enhanced leadership engagements and multiple agreements on greater cooperation India and South Africa share an extremely unique and fundamental relationship. The bilateral association is a deep rooted relation since decades as both the nations have been through similar history of sovereignty

Twenty-Nine Years of Namibian Independence

Official Flag of the Republic of Namibia

21 March 1990, Namibia was finally granted autonomy by the South African government under a peace deal negotiated by the United Nations, liberating the country from decades of oppression. Namibia, now officially known as the Republic of Namibia, gained independence from South Africa in 1990 after going through the long asymmetric conflict. The struggle is known as the Namibia War

Satellite Images Reveal New Details about Cyclone Idai

Satellite images reveal the vast extent of flooding in the port city of Beira, Mozambique

Satellite images unveil the extent of flooding in Mozambican city of Beira as thousands remain trapped Over the last couple of days, Cyclone Idai swept through the south-east African nations of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. What is being observed as the most destructive cyclone to hit Africa in over a decade has now killed hundreds. Thousands remain missing as rescue missions

63 years of Tunisian Independence

Roman amphitheater in Tunisia built in 3rd century AD

On March 20, 1957, Tunisia became independent from French rule. This placed nationalist leader Habib Bourguiba in the role of the North African nation’s first Prime Minister. As a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic, Tunisia is widely seen as the only democratic republic of the Arab world. Apart from having a remarkably high human development index, Tunisia also enjoys strong international

Sixty-Two Years of Ghanaian Independence

62nd Independence of Ghana

Sixty-two years ago today, Ghana became the first sub-Saharan nation to gain independence from British colonialism, evoking hope for colonised African nations. Today, the Republic of Ghana stands strong with its rich history and cultural heritage, coupled with a rapidly developing economy On March 6, 1957, Ghana became the first sub-Saharan African nation to gain independence from British rule. Sixty two

African Union Summit 32 Concluded in Addis Ababa

African Union Leaders at the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union, a two-day meeting held in Addid Ababa, Ethiopia.

The 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union, a two-day meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, concluded on Monday, promising a peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa The 32nd African Union Heads of State and Government Summit concluded, on Monday, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the 2-day summit, African Union (AU) leaders focused on humanitarian issues with the official theme

Rwanda to Produce Methane Gas from “Killer Lake”

Rwanda signed a $400 million deal to produce bottled gas from Lake Kivu, which reportedly emits dense clouds of methane. (Image for representation only).

Rwanda signs a $400 million deal with Gasmeth Energy to produce methane gas from one of Africa’s most famous Killer Lakes. Project presents country’s green agenda, says Rwanda Development Board. In an environmentally significant move, Rwanda government has signed a multi-million dollar deal to produce methane gas from Africa’s “Killer Lake,” the country announced on Tuesday. The $400 million deal was

Congo’s First Peaceful Presidential Swearing-in in Over Five Decades

Former Congolese President, Joseph Kabila presented the Presidential sash to new Congolese President, Felix Tshisekedi on Thursday.

The Democratic Republic of Congo concluded the peaceful swearing-in ceremony of their new President, Felix Tshisekedi on Thursday. This was the country’s first peaceful election since 1960 as former President, Joseph Kabila presented the Presidential sash to his successor Felix Tshisekedi was sworn-in as the new President for the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday in the capital city of Kinshasa.

Six Arrested in Nairobi Terror Attacks

The suspects believed to be involved in the Nairobi terror attack appear in court

Six more people, who are suspected of involvement in the extremist attack in Nairobi, have been arrested. The total count of detainees has gone up to twelve now. Six suspects believed to have a hand in the extremist attack in Nairobi have been arrested. The police chief has shared that one of the detainees arrested earlier held a British passport and

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